Admiralty Constabulary - No Rim 25mm - Pre-1952 with King's Crown. White Metal Military uniform button

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Admiralty Constabulary - No Rim 25mm - Pre-1952 White Metal KC. Military uniform button

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Data sheet

Diameter/mm 25.0
Crown King's Crown: indicating the era 1902 - 1952.
Bibliography Guide Ripley 214
Construction White Metal

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For sale: Admiralty Constabulary - No Rim 25mm - Pre-1952 White Metal Military uniform button with King's Crown. Ripley 214

Knowledge Base

  • Are fastenings included?

    We specialise in insignia for collectors and are not tailors or outfitters. Due to established practice and customer preference, our stock is sold without fastenings such as back-plates, clutch-grips, split pins (cotter pins) or shoulder shanks for screw-fit buttons, however these are (usually) available separately.

    Please bear in mind that many badges (such as cap badges with vertical 'slider' fittings) do not require these fastenings, and for many older badges, fittings such as a matching back-plate simply do not exist. With the exception of screw-fit buttons, uniform buttons are normally sewn onto uniforms with a needle and thread and do not usually need special fastenings.

    In the nature of dealing in original collectables, we buy our stock from a variety of sources.  Although we might have several examples of a badge or button in stock, they might have different fastenings.  We regard these as minor manufacturing variations and do not usually differentiate whether a cap badge has 'lugs' or a 'spike' or a 'slider' fastening, whether lugs are positioned 'north-south' or east-west' or whether a button has a 'fixed-shank' or a 'drop-shank'.
    If the type of fastening is important to you, please specify your preference in the 'comments' box of our online order form.

  • Do you stock blazer buttons?

    Our buttons are sold for collectors: we are not tailors or military outfitters. The uniform buttons that we sell are mainly official-issue buttons, rather than the special blazer buttons favoured by some Regiments and Corps. 

    Blazers are not usually governed by military Dress Regulations, so the style and number of buttons is a matter of personal choice and fashion.  This can sometimes mean that several different types of blazer button exist for the same unit.

    Many people do wear official-issue uniform buttons on blazers, but please be aware that there is sometimes a difference. Where we do stock special non-issue blazer buttons they will be clearly marked as blazer buttons, and are often more expensive than issue-pattern buttons.

    Whilst we may have some buttons in large quantities, many are held as single items. Even the same size and type of button can vary due to age, polishing or manufacturing variations. This could be important if you require matching buttons for a blazer. If you specifically want matching buttons "all or nothing", please make this clear on your order form.

    We are sometimes asked simply for a 'set of buttons', without a clue as to the size or quantity required.  Please note that the number of buttons in a 'set' will vary between different types of jacket.  For example, a double-breasted blazer (boating jacket) will have more buttons that a single-breasted blazer. Please tell us the diameters (in millimetres) and how many buttons you need, rather than expecting us to know the details of the jacket that you have in your possession.

    If you wish to sew official-issue uniform buttons onto a blazer, and the blazer has already been made, it is worth measuring the size of the buttonholes to make sure that the buttons will fit before ordering.  The diameter of our buttons is shown on our website, rounded to the nearest half-millimetre.

    If you are trying to replace missing buttons on a jacket, please tell us the diameters (in millimetres) and include clear pictures of the fronts and backs of the buttons that you wish to match.  The backs of buttons often show a 'backmark' with the name of the original manufacturer. 

    Unless they are made and bought at the same time, it can be very difficult to match buttons exactly, so it is worth buying a spare of each size if you have the opportunity.

    There is a 'comments' box at the bottom of the Order Form so that you can specify things such as minimum quantity, 'all or nothing' or 'only process my order if you have at least 4 matching buttons'.


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