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Aviation Insignia
Aviation Insignia
Aviation insignia (badges, patches and buttons), including Royal Air Force, overseas air forces and civil airlines.

Aviation Insignia 


  • Air Force Badges

    Original Air Force Badges for sale and wanted.  Ian Kelly (Militaria) is a mail-order specialist dealer with a good range of genuine Royal Air Force regalia and military aviation insignia for sale.

    With a wide range of collectibles, most of our flying badges, wings, brevets, patches and uniform buttons are from the UK or British Commonwealth or British Empire and date from the First World War to the present day.

    This section also includes memorabilia from the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm (Naval Aviation), Army Air Corps, Royal Observer Corps and Air Cadet Organisation / Air Training Corps.

    We are also interested in buying fresh stock of genuine insignia - we do not want reproductions.  We operate purely by mail order, so anything we sell must be small enough (and legal enough) to send by mail.

  • Flying Suit Crests
    Flying Suit squadron crest arm badges for sale.
  • Fire Service Uniform Buttons
  • Air Force Rank Badges
    Air Force rank badges and insignia for sale.
  • Air Force Branch Badges
    Royal Air Force and non-UK Air Force branch and qualification badges, including pilots' wings, half-wing brevets, branch collar insignia and shoulder titles.
  • Royal Observer Corps

    Royal Observer Corps insignia for sale.

  • Army Air Corps
    Army Air Corps insignia for sale.
  • United States Air Force
    United States Air Force insignia for sale.
  • Foreign Air Force
    Non-British air force insignia for sale.
  • Other Naval Insignia