Recommended Reference Books of Interest to Militaria Collectors

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The books listed are ones that we use on a regular basis. In many cases they show insignia reference numbers that we use on our mail-order catalogues. Please note that these books are sold by - not by Ian Kelly (Militaria). A number of books do not have links to Amazon - this is because they are out-of-print. We have kept the details of suitable out-of-print books on my web site so that you can use this bibliography to buy them second-hand from another dealer.

Beckett, IFW. 1999. Discovering British Regimental Traditions. ISBN 0747804109: Shire Publications Ltd.
Discovering British Regimental Traditions  Click here to buy this book

Bellis, MA. 1997. British Regiments 1945 - 1995. ISBN 0951212699: Malcolm A Bellis
Impressive research text giving dates, unit titles and lineage.
British Regiments 1945 - 1995 

Bellis, MA. 2000. Divisions of the British Army 1939 - 1945. ISBN 0952969319: Malcolm A Bellis
Impressive research text giving dates, locations, battles and titles of the units which made-up the British Divisions during WW2.
Divisions of the British Army 1939 - 1945  Click here to buy this book

Burns, KV. 1986. Badges and Battle Honours of HM Ships. ISBN 0907771262: Maritime Books
Badges and Battle Honours of HM Ships  Click here to buy this book

Cherry, N. 1999. Red Berets and Red Crosses. ISBN 908047181X: R Sigmond.
Red Berets and Red Crosses by Niall Cherry  Click here to buy this book

Coates, A. 1994. Winsome Warriors. ISBN 1859150608: Compendium Publishing.  Click here to buy this book

Coates, A. 1996. More Winsome Warriors. ISBN 1859150977: Compendium Publishing.  Click here to buy this book

Congdon, P. 1985. Behind the Hangar Doors. ISBN 0951013904: Sonik Books.
Written by a serving RAF Regiment officer, this is an interesting and wide-ranging book covering history, heraldry and etiquette of the Royal Air Force.  There are excellent sections on insignia.
Behind the Hangar Doors

Forty, G. 1998. British Army Handbook 1935 - 1945. ISBN 0750914033: Sutton Publishing.
An impressive 369 pages covering mobilization & training, command structures, weapons, equipment, vehicles, tactics, abbreviations, signals codes, badges and medals.  The text is backed-up with over 300 photographs.  The author spent 32 years in the Royal Tank Regiment, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.  He later became the Curator of the Tank Museum at Bovington, Dorset.
British Army Handbook 1935 - 1945  Click here to buy this book

Gordon, DB. 1998. Tommy - Volume One. ISBN 1575100428: Pictorial Histories Publishing.
A useful, well-researched hand-book covering WW2 British uniforms, equipment. weapons and vehicles- written by a re-enactor for re-enactors.  Lots of illustrations.
Tommy - Volume One  Click here to buy this book

Henderson, DM. 1993. The Scottish Regiments. ISBN 0004700112: HarperCollins.
The Scottish Regiments

Heyman, C. 2000. The British Army - A Pocket Guide 2000-2001. ISBN 0850527104: Pen & Sword Books.
Up-to-date information on the British Army, including statistics, equipment, organisation and deployments.  A super little book - very useful and great value for money.
The British Army - A Pocket Guide 2000-2001  Click here to buy this book

Jefford, CG. 2001. RAF Squadrons. (2nd Edition) ISBN 1840371412: Airlife Publishing.
Long-awaited Second Edition of a comprehensive book giving historical dates, locations and aircraft for every squadron in the Royal Air Force since its formation.  Wing Commander Jefford includes photographs of aircraft and maps to show locations of all RAF airfields in the UK and overseas.  Probably the best RAF research document in publication.
RAF Squadrons by Wing Commanderr CG Jefford  Click here to buy this book

Mileham, PJR. 1996. The Scottish Regiments 1633-1996. ISBN 1873376456: Spellmount Ltd
The second edition of an illustrated description and record of Scottish regiments from the 1630s to the present day, among them the Scots Guards, the King's Own Scottish Borderers, the Black Watch and the Gordon Highlanders
The Scottish Regiments 1633-1996  Click here to buy this book

Morrison, R. 1991. British Land Rovers in the Gulf. ISBN 1873564023: LRO Books Ltd
British Land Rovers in the Gulf

Nevill, T. 1999. The Scottish Regiments. ISBN 1861262841: Crowood Press
A colour guide to the legendary Scottish regiments of today's British Army. The regular units covered are: The Scots Guards; The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards; The Royal Scots; The Royal Highland Fusiliers; The King's Own Scottish Borderers; The Black Watch; The Highlanders; and The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. The text details the units, their organization, equipment, weapons and vehicles and their uniforms and insignia. Illustrated with more than 100 colour photographs of Scottish soldiers in combat dress, training and working in the field, and on parade, this book is part of the "Europa Militaria" series
The Scottish Regiments  Click here to buy this book

Osprey. 1998. The Osprey Militaria Directory & Source Book - 1999 Edition. ISBN 1902579178: Compendium Publishing
.The Osprey Militaria Directory & SourceBook - 1999 Edition

Whittaker, LB. 1990. Stand Down - Orders of Battle for the units of the Home Guard of the United Kingdom. ISBN 1871167140: Ray Westlake Military Books.
An excellent book on the Home Guard, including locations, dates, insignia and unit commanders.
Stand Down - Orders of Battle for the units of the Home Guard of the United Kingdom

Wilson, T. 1999. Flags at Sea. ISBN 1861761163: Chatham Publishing.
A history of the flags flown at sea by the principal naval powers - Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Spain and the USA - during the Age of Sail. Where, when and why certain flags - like the piratical 'Jolly Roger' - were flown. It also tackles such apparently complicated issues as signalling in peace and war. The book also contains a profusion of illustrations, covering the many variants of well-known flags, in both contemporary flag-charts and modern drawings done specially for this work. It therefore provides the degree of detail demanded by model-makers, artists and historians.  Click here to buy this book

Windrow & Greene. 1997. Windrow & Greene's Militaria Directory & Sourcebook 1998. ISBN 1859150683: Compendium Publishing.
Nearly 3000 names and contact addresses listed under various categories and indexed by name and location.  Includes militaria societies and modellers clubs, re-enactors, dealers, auction houses, museums, historical groups and travel specialists.  A huge variety of goods and services on offer.
Windrow & Greene's Militaria Directory & Sourcebook 1998  Click here to buy this book