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Shoulder Titles
Shoulder Titles

Army shoulder titles for sale in metal and cloth.

These include curved sew-on shoulder titles and slip-on epaulette slides. Metal shoulder titles are mainly made from brass, White Metal or Staybrite (Anodised Aluminium).

Regimental rank slides with unit titles are shown elsewhere in separate sections.

Shoulder Titles 


  • Staybrite Army Shoulder Titles

    Staybrite Military Shoulder Titles for sale

    Staybrite (electro-plated Anodised Aluminum) began to replace the traditional metals used for British military uniform badges from about 1950 and is still used.  We buy and sell original Staybrite shoulder titles worldwide by mail order via our secure website.

    Due to established practice and customer preference, our stock is sold without fastenings such as split pins, clutch grips or back-plates, however these are (usually) available separately.

    Shoulder titles are sold as single items.  This is because our main business is with insignia for collectors, and collectors tend only to want single examples.  The other factor is that we might only stock a single example, particularly of older rarer items.

    We recommend the following book:

    Westlake, R. 1997. Collecting Metal Shoulder Titles. ISBN 0850525055: Leo Cooper.
    This is an excellent book with black and white photographs of over 1800 British Army metal shoulder titles, and descriptions of many more. Each badge is numbered and the numbers are used by dealers and collectors as the 'industry-standard' to refer to shoulder titles. If you are going to buy British Army shoulder titles by mail order, then you need this book.
    Collecting Metal Shoulder Titles Click here to buy this book

  • Older Types of Army Metal Shoulder Titles
    Older Types of Army Metal Shoulder Titles
  • Sew-on Army Cloth Shoulder Titles
    Sew-on Army Cloth shoulder titles for sale.
  • Slip-on Army Cloth Shoulder Titles
    Slip-on Army Cloth shoulder titles for sale.
  • Non-British Army Shoulder Titles
    Non-British Army shoulder titles for sale.
  • Other Naval Insignia
    Shoulder titles from the Royal Navy, Royal Naval Reserve (RNR), Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR), Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) and Sea Cadet Corps (SCC).
  • Air Force Badges
    Royal Air Force and non-UK Air Force uniform shoulder titles.
  • UK Police & Prisons (Other Badges)
    Police and Prison Service shoulder titles
  • Fire and Rescue Service
    Fire Brigade and Rescue Service shoulder titles
  • Civil Defence
    Civil Defence shoulder titles
  • US Army Distinctive Insignia (DI's)
    US Army Distinctive Insignia (DI's)