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Military Books & Papers
Military Books & Papers

Military Books & Papers for sale

Military Books & Papers 


  • Military Books (Miscellaneous)

    Military Books and Papers for sale.

    Books and papers that are collectable or are reference books to assist collectors of Militaria and military insignia.  Most are secondhand or out-of-print.

  • Military Photographs and Post-Cards
    Military Photographs and Post-Cards for sale.
  • Propaganda Leaflets
    Psychological Warfare / PsyOps / PsyWar aerial propaganda leaflets for sale - mainly from the Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm - the First Gulf War of 1990-1991.
  • Gulf War Zap-Stickers

    Gulf War Zap-Stickers for sale. These stickers are from the First Gulf War of 1990-1991 and show Unit crest animals modified so that the rat, snake or rhino is depicted wearing a respirator (gas mask) and NBC suits (Nuclear Biological & Chemical protection).

    They were used to designate trained NBC Defence vehicles and personnel.

  • Books (Military Uniforms and Insignia)

    Reference Books about Uniforms and Insignia for sale.

    We mainly deal in insignia, but occasionally have reference books for sale. These are very useful for serious collectors.  Our range can include books about military cap badges, collar dogs, arm patches, formation signs, rank badges, shoulder titles and uniform buttons.

    Our Militaria reference books are mainly second-hand, and some can be rare and out-of-print.